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Actual Day Wedding Date: 

Written by Bride Alicia

Greatest Compliments to Mambostevie

I engaged Mambostevie for my AD photography after finding many good reviews on him.

Yesterday 17Sept2016 was my big day. Stevie was very punctual & he is also able to guide me on what I was supposed to do.
He could organize group photos really quickly & engages with our guest very well.

He is very on the ball & always there whenever I wanted a photo. So impressed!!!

Am very pleased & satisfied with his service & will definitely recommend him!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

EUGENE & Jasmine

Actual Day Wedding Date: 30/05/2015

Written by Groom Eugene

Great wedding planner!

From the off, we had wonderful "mo qi" though quote wasn't the lowest, most impt factor to us is the camaraderie we should share as the entire planning to D-Day is a long drawn affair. Great inputs were provided during the planning for us noobcakes.

On actual day, Mambostevie's team totally ran the show and led us from start to finish. They were professional and knowledgeable. Most impotantly fun and cheerful as guests gave great comments about them. You could trust on them that's for sure!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

Fernando & Pearlyn

Actual Day Wedding Date: 16/11/2014

Written by Bride Pearlyn

Many thanks to Mambostevie and his team for taking beautiful pictures of my big day. Am very pleased with his works, manages to capture the right and slimming angles of my hubby and I. Lol. When we are nervous and pondering what are the next steps to be done, he wae there to advise and assure us that everything is gonna turn out well which is really nice and helpful. Would strongly recommend Mambostevie and team to any couples that are considering to sign photography packages. :

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

BRIAN & Dana

Actual Day Wedding Date: 13/03/2014

Written by Groom Brian

Mambostevie provides us with very good service, the man power he have gotta to assist us with the Photo Booth was fantastic! the shoots were on point and he even went the extra mile to extend his time to take extra pictures of our big day as our guest have decided to stayed longer than expected timing. Save yourself from embarrassing pictures, get yourself a good photographer and you can view your wedding album and tell your grand children that "Hey! this was me when i was younger !"

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

Alvin & Claire

Actual Day Wedding Date: 26/10/2014

Written by Bride Claire

Vendor is friendly and nice. Service is prompt and satisfactory.

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

sagita & shoowan

Actual Day Wedding Date: 03/09/2016

Written by Groom Sagita

Wonderful Experience with Mambo Stevie Photography Mo-Works

Wonderful experience with Stevie and his Mambo team. Took up his 3 in 1 Ultimate Package and it was worth every dollars spent.Photographer and videographer came on time in the morning to capture every moments perfectly.Actual video of the gatecrash was delivered on time with high resolution. Photo booth was perfect and entertaining too. Overall it was really a wonderful experience. Thank you Mambo Stevie for being part of our Big Day.

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial
Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

joel & weilynn

Actual Day Wedding Date: 13/12/2014

Written by Groom's Brother 顾原达

Perfected my friend's expectations.

They were considering to take up a whole package from a typical bridal shop but was concerned as photographer is generic, no way to validate his/her works. I happened to come by Stevie's page in FB and recommended to her for consideration.

A choice my friend didn't regret. Stevie provides full services from photobooth to videography. Best part - he is a great director to move the audience.

Some might consider his style simple and not dreamy like Korean feel, artsy angles but Stevie reminded us on the fundamental reason for Wedding Photography - Remember the moments as it is.

ERIC & Candy


Actual Day Wedding Date:  26/09/2015

Written by Groom Eric

Great service, good composition

Stevie provides good service, great compositions, and am friendly to discuss, lessening the stress on the event.

Recommended :)

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

darc & Denise

Actual Day Wedding Date: 21/12/2015

Written by Bride Denise

Mambostevie was very helpful and professional when we ask for a quotation. He wasn't pushy at all. Service given by him was excellent. I engaged his company for videography for my AD. Work was awesome & we were very satisfied with his service. Whenever my friends need recommendations for their AD I would recommend MamboStevie as I know that my friends AD would be in good hands!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

VANCE & Jamie

Actual Day Wedding Date: 30/05/2015

Written by Groom Vance

The best decision we made

The best decision we made for our wedding preparation was to engage Stevie and his team for our Actual Day Wedding photography and videography service. They are very professional and patient to guide us on the different position to capture the most magical moments on our wedding day. All my friends had high praises on the morning highlight video that was arrange and edited by the team. I would highly recommend Stevie to anyone that is looking for wedding photography or videograhpy service.
Thanks Stevie for the wonderful experience and amazing work!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

joel & weilynn

Actual Day Wedding Date: 13/12/2014

Written by Groom's Brother Lousi Guo Hao Ting

Great service

Met Mambostevie Team at Joel & Lynn wedding ...i was one of the groomsmen then. Can say they are very experience and friendly and also share wedding planning with us. They know their stuff well n help to guide & coordinate too as we brothers are pretty new to actual day wedding. I think with their pricing, they are really affordable and skilled and professional and the end product we saw during joel house's warming is awesme too compare to some wedding product i saw. Keepup the great work. :D Cheers

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

Prewin & PAULINE

Pre Wedding Shoot Date: 30/07/2015

Written by Bride Pauline


Memories captured beautifully!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Stevie Mambostevie Sun and Edmund. Stevie did our pre-wed photography and we love the photos! Stevie managed to make the camera-shy hubby posed for the photos.

Edmund did the videography on our wedding day. We were thankful to Edmund for his initiative in doing up a short SDE for us when our slideshow failed to work. The guests get to see the morning part and the earlier solemnisation. BIG thank you to the team!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

armit & JILLIAN

Actual Day Wedding Date: 24/11/2012

Written by Bride Jillian

Had a memorable and fun experience with Steve and his team for our AD photo booth and photography services. A professional and friendly photographer who takes good picures for both individual and group settings. Price is very reasonable too. My definite go-to photographer for any events I may have in future.

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

vincent & ann

Actual Day Wedding Date: 09/11/2014

Written by Groom's Brother Ice

Job well done....

Was helping out as groomsmen for vincent and ann wedding and i will like to thank Mambostevie and his team for the beautiful planning and photo shoot of us especially the wedding couple.The photos and video take out real good and I'm really satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them for wedding services!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

Qin Xiang & CHING TING

Actual Day Wedding Date: 26/03/2016

Written by Bride Ching Ting

An excellent service

A very big thank you to Mambostevie Team for providing us an excellent service on our wedding day 26 Mar 16. 
Appreciated their patience and professional advice which they have given us. 
We are very satisfied with the photos and videos and would highly recommend them to our friends and family!

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

GERALD & Sutatip

Actual Day Wedding Date: 03/07/2016

Written by Groom's Sister Adelin Chin 

Nothing fanciful, no gate crashing, no high end hotel banquet..just some heart warming close gathering of tea ceremony in the afternoon & eventually was well captured by Stevie(phtographer), children naive laughter, parents heavy hearted moment & relatives/friends lively partipation.

Moreover we do had a fun & relaxed photoshot @ garden by the bay, it was beautiful & sunny, this was a very last minutes montage delivered during our dinner presentation held @ Summer Garden. 

Everything was perfectly ended..leaving all of us with the most beautiful memories created by mambostevie.

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial

GERALD & Sutatip


Actual Day Wedding Date: 03/07/2016

Written by Groom Gerald

My wedding on the 3rd July 2016 was a very good job done by my photographer stevie...

Although we have already done our 1st and 2nd Montage but I request for another Montage to be display on night which was on the tea ceremony and outdoor shooting.

It was a very last min and we have to act fast and plan well together choosing music to match the last Montage and it was challenging for him too because only have 2 hrs to get it done..

And I am satisfied it was good nice job stevie brother. It was a tired day and hot day for us.. and u still have to take care photo taking . Big thanks from me and my wife and family members :)

Actual Day Wedding Testimonial


Actual Day Wedding Date: 02/04/2016

Written by Bride Stephanie

The Mambostevie teamwork is awesome and they got lots of patience and accommodate to all your requests and at the same time provide professional advice! The photos and video take out real good and I'm really satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them for wedding services!

Nicole Zhang & Alvin

Actual Day Wedding Date: 01/10/2016

Written by Bride Nicole

Satisfied bridezilla!

Very satisfied with mambostevie's services. Engaged them for actual day photography n videography n photobooth services. Morning highlights was very very well done. Many of guests loved the highlights and Stevie's team was very professional, flexible and accommodating to last min change of plans too. Stevie also reminded us a few pointers when it comes to wedding day itinerary n provided us a few alternatives for us to choose. Able to coordinate large crowsss to ensure good photos taken. Coming from a very satisfied bridezilla :D

Wendy & yong hui

Actual Day Wedding Date: 02/10/2016

Written by Bride Wendy

Mambo Stevie photography - excellent service !

Highly recommend mambo Stevie photography! professional and excellent service. Deeply appreciated! Hendmond - our AD photographer, he guided us throughout the whole day. He is responsible, proactive, Friendly, professional and very patient during the photo taking. Strongly recommend him! A heartfelt thanks to Hendmond and Stevie for the efforts.

Michelle Chan & Alex

Actual Day Wedding Date: 01/10/2016

Written by Bride Michelle​

great photography, videography n photobooth

its a great team of them, great results that capture our special day. the price is reasonable and the product and services provided are way to good.. the teams are friendly and able to guide us through the wedding process.. good job guys

Greatest Compliments to Mambostevie

Sam​ & XingYi

Actual Day Wedding Date:  08/09/2016

Written by Groom Sam 

Excellent service & great photos!

Stevie was our photographer for our ROM, and we were very satisfied by his service! Photos were nicely taken and very natural looking! Looking forward to his team's service on our AD! :D

sophia yap

Actual Shooting Date: 13/10/2016

Written by Sophia

Mambo Stevie Family Shoot

The photographer is able to capture great photos with natural light at Botanic Gardens. I've alway liked natural-looking photos and I am glad that he achieved what I wanted. I think he has a talent for calm, peaceful Nature environments. The price was also very affordable.

Yi Lang & Sing lING

Actual Day Wedding Date: 09/10/2016

Written by Sing Ling

Mambo Stevie photography - Maternity Shoot

Mambo Stevie photography - excellent service ! Highly recommend mambo Stevie photography! professional and excellent service. Stevie, he guided us throughout the shoot. He is very professional, Friendly, alot of ideas and very patient and make the shoot to be fun during the photo taking. Strongly recommend him!!! Deeply appreciated and Thanks to Stevie!

Jason & Wei lING

Actual Day Wedding Date: 29/10/2016

Written by Groom Jason

MamboStevie AD Photo & Video Services

Stevie was already busy but he gotten me another photographer. Nevertheless, the photographer exceeded my expectations. PG and VG was very professional and keep reminding us of what to take note of, making the seemingly stressful process smooth and enjoyable. Very rare to find such dedicated photographer and videographer who will go the extra mile to make sure every shot is perfect despite running behind schedule. In short, both PG and BG are not time watchers and are passionate about what they do. I really recommend this to couples who are already very stressed and let MamboStevie and team run the show :)

Karen & aldwin

Actual Shooting Date: 19/11/2016

Written by Mother Karen

My daughter's 100th Day Lunch

Ok I'm not bride... but, we were very pleased with Stevie's photography. They were thoughtfully taken and captured the special moments. He was initiative and gave directions as needed. He also took into account my request for "bokeh" effects! And was friendly and interactive with the guests to invoke a natural reaction.

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